Logistics: No video for Talking Text.

In my haste to lay the groundwork for the podcast as the year comes to an end, I have been recording tests to see if it would be possible to do a video podcast version of Talking Text simultaneously. Video has been a big part of my life, and since I was an actor inContinue reading “Logistics: No video for Talking Text.”

Talking Text: Podcast Update

It was my goal this year to start a podcast for writers. It would be easy to say it hasn’t happened because of work, family, procrastination, etc. There’s no excuse. I am sorry to say it has not happened because of my inability to time manage. I acknowledge this and now that it’s out thereContinue reading “Talking Text: Podcast Update”

Manifest: A Preface on Idlewind Collective

7.23.16 Reborn (a story for a later date, photo by me). I want to make art and create and collaborate once again. I took a little break. Enough’s enough. That’s why Idlewind Collective is here: To humanize the Other (and one another). To allow me to make art and help you make art, if you’re a scribeContinue reading “Manifest: A Preface on Idlewind Collective”