madd’s picks: Stephen King’s IT

The novel “It” by Stephen King has been lauded for three decades as a horror masterpiece.  Due to my age, I came to “It” quite late, only first reading it in my late 20’s; however, I had become well-acquainted with Stephen King as an author, by that point.  Even so, I found “It” went wellContinue reading “madd’s picks: Stephen King’s IT”

CD34 – The Time We Had by Susana Ramirez

Big show today! We’re back in business featuring a personal essay in dramatic form! The Time We Had, by Susana Ramirez. Susana Ramirez is a wife and mother of two. She is the Founder of Save The Sharks, a South Florida non-profit organization working to promote healthier shark populations through education, research and outreach. SusanaContinue reading “CD34 – The Time We Had by Susana Ramirez”

7.6.20 – Videotape play complete (again)! And lessons learned from poetry

I talk about this old script I brought back from the dead and submitted to a competition. You learn a lot about how far you’ve come when you actually look back. Poetry collection in its final stages! And the emotional lessons of not sharing anything. Keep sharing your art. We need it now more thanContinue reading “7.6.20 – Videotape play complete (again)! And lessons learned from poetry”

OKA42 – Jeffrey Epstein Doc, Lovebirds, The History of Corpse Medicine

Happy birthday, America. Sorry COVID made the party so lame. Anyway here’s the latest episode of Our Kid’s Asleep! Hi friends, Wow, a lot to unpack! Much wow. We go all out on the following: Jeffrey Epstein’s Filty Rich Documentary on Netflix! Lovebirds, an action romance flick! The History of Corpse Medicine, an amazing newContinue reading “OKA42 – Jeffrey Epstein Doc, Lovebirds, The History of Corpse Medicine”

Midweek 6.16.20

My office plant, weakened by excessive air conditioning in the office building, came home with me last week. Convalescence in the guest bedroom. On my writing desk. Its new home. I am so fortunate to collaborate with Wyoming Dance Arts, a tremendously talented group! Check out their Wyoming Dance Arts end of year showcase! reading “Midweek 6.16.20”

6.8.20 – Poetry Chapbook Progress, Billy Collins Masterclass, Back to Charlie Bird

a podcast about doing the writing and recording thing. Poetry Chapbook Progress. I took this week to gather my poems to put together a chapbook to self-publish. It was time. Billy Collins Masterclass. Thank you Billy Collins for existing and for sharing your wisdom. Back to Charlie Bird. The children’s book will be my mainContinue reading “6.8.20 – Poetry Chapbook Progress, Billy Collins Masterclass, Back to Charlie Bird”

CD32 – A Clear Solution by J. Alejandro

A few words and a poem too. #blacklivesmatter #nojusticenopeace Campaign Zero: Organization that utilizes research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in the U.S. Unicorn Riot: Nonprofit media collective dedicated to exposing the root causes of social, economic, and environmental issues. George Floyd Memorial Fund: The official GoFundMe to support the Floyd family. MinnesotaContinue reading “CD32 – A Clear Solution by J. Alejandro”