7.13.20 – Childrens Book Breakthrough + Poetry Collection Complete!

Overcoming a broken outline after you’ve done a few drafts… Hi people! I wanted to breakdown a massive breakthrough I had while writing the third draft of my children’s book from scratch once again. I talk to myself about the method I used to solve the problem when the previous versions were completely void ofContinue reading “7.13.20 – Childrens Book Breakthrough + Poetry Collection Complete!”

Midweek 6.16.20

My office plant, weakened by excessive air conditioning in the office building, came home with me last week. Convalescence in the guest bedroom. On my writing desk. Its new home. I am so fortunate to collaborate with Wyoming Dance Arts, a tremendously talented group! Check out their Wyoming Dance Arts end of year showcase! https://www.wyodance.org/past-performances-and-eventsContinue reading “Midweek 6.16.20”

The Writing Record

Journal entries disguised as audio recordings of writing sessions, self care, and working class creativity. Now that Creative Drive is exclusively a podcast about sharing the work of creatives out in the world, I remembered I still need an outlet to help keep me accountable. So I started a thing. Sometimes you need to hitContinue reading “The Writing Record”