Letter to you, Void. (from Idlewind #1)

I’ve been trying left and right to express myself, but nothing works anymore. Social media is too much for me at times, I can’t rotoscope, sell, or innovate fast enough for youtube, no instagram filter is kind enough to my physique (and they told me that is needed if you want to beat the algorithm).Continue reading “Letter to you, Void. (from Idlewind #1)”

Manifest: A Preface on Idlewind Collective

7.23.16 Reborn (a story for a later date, photo by me). I want to make art and create and collaborate once again. I took a little break. Enough’s enough. That’s why Idlewind Collective is here: To humanize the Other (and one another). To allow me to make art and help you make art, if you’re a scribeContinue reading “Manifest: A Preface on Idlewind Collective”