OKA 26 – Tom Segura Show, Headlines Recap, Kubrick vs King (The Shining Blurb)

Episode 26 is a triumphant return to podcasting form now that we are 15% less tired than before. We’re still tired tho.

OKA 25 – The Funny, The News, The Spooky Scary. (feat. Coffee & Bailey’s)

We made it to episode 25! The Funny, The News, The Spooky Scary. (feat. Coffee & Bailey’s) Rejoice! #podcasting #creativelife

OKA Episode 21: Back at it!

We’re back at it again folks, dayjob exhaustion has delayed the release of some of our episodes and that just bums me out! Alas, here we have a great conversation Maddie and I had before taking off for the music festival. I’m actually quite proud of myself: As we evaluate where we can focus ourContinue reading “OKA Episode 21: Back at it!”

We went how long without podcasting?

So it’s hard to believe I blinked and the month of June ceased to be. I have been trying to edit this episode for I kid you not, THREE WEEKS. However, Life called with plans of its own and I opted to go after it. It hasn’t been necessarily tumultuous but I’m glad I finallyContinue reading “We went how long without podcasting?”

New OKA Podcast feat. Catty G

This time around, we welcome to the living room friend of the show and expert on internet things, Catty G: Twitch Streamer extraordinaire. We discuss an app we didn’t know existed called Tik Tok, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. That theme song is coming soon. Check out Catty G on twitch.tv/cattyg and Twitter @CattyGFGCContinue reading “New OKA Podcast feat. Catty G”

Our Kid’s Asleep, new episode!

Just wrapped up the editing of this one. I don’t know what took me so long. Maybe it’s our cats ruining the recording with their noise, or maybe it’s the insane cold weather we are having here in the Old West. I guess it’s our turn… This time around we cover Maddie’s 30 day yogaContinue reading “Our Kid’s Asleep, new episode!”