OKA 26 – Tom Segura Show, Headlines Recap, Kubrick vs King (The Shining Blurb)

Episode 26 is a triumphant return to podcasting form now that we are 15% less tired than before. We’re still tired tho.

OKA 25 – The Funny, The News, The Spooky Scary. (feat. Coffee & Bailey’s)

We made it to episode 25! The Funny, The News, The Spooky Scary. (feat. Coffee & Bailey’s) Rejoice! #podcasting #creativelife

OKA Episode 21: Back at it!

We’re back at it again folks, dayjob exhaustion has delayed the release of some of our episodes and that just bums me out! Alas, here we have a great conversation Maddie and I had before taking off for the music festival. I’m actually quite proud of myself: As we evaluate where we can focus ourContinue reading “OKA Episode 21: Back at it!”

We went how long without podcasting?

So it’s hard to believe I blinked and the month of June ceased to be. I have been trying to edit this episode for I kid you not, THREE WEEKS. However, Life called with plans of its own and I opted to go after it. It hasn’t been necessarily tumultuous but I’m glad I finallyContinue reading “We went how long without podcasting?”

My Recurring Sunday Project

Really happy with the way this episode came out! Come join me as I ruminate on making do with the time we have and the adjustments I am hoping to make to my schedule. It’s all about staying creative! Shoutout to my pal Dust Jones for his mic contribution to the show! -J. Alejandro

New OKA Podcast feat. Catty G

This time around, we welcome to the living room friend of the show and expert on internet things, Catty G: Twitch Streamer extraordinaire. We discuss an app we didn’t know existed called Tik Tok, and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. That theme song is coming soon. Check out Catty G on twitch.tv/cattyg and Twitter @CattyGFGCContinue reading “New OKA Podcast feat. Catty G”