some grief poems appear en español.

All of us go Suddenly and thorned When the favors end do not cry, when we are absent at the table — Fine Danube, and how far, from my humble colors, how is it that these directions we have arrived to, and already far along, resentful? If I was barely saying goodbye? -j

5.29.20 (office poem)

a fluster: the office moth trapped by curtain and glass flutters confused, directionless desiring a landscape it cannot breathe we both see and concede, yet vacant the door to the left


these aches we bleed out to welcoming river mouths lashes of water j

Cosmos Eventually (A Postponed Project Complete)

I made peace with this heart that longs for you across valleys of heaven and light and cosmic radiation. And the things I’ve done, I may come to regret, but going rogue with a ship weighs heavy even in space. … And I ask myself why love has led me to this? I took hold…