7.27.20 – Self care and time management venting session

Happy Monday All! Come along as I discuss a few attempts at self care this past week, as well as the tangle of projects in need of problem solving. So in a nutshell: It’s okay to read your work and be proud of it. Doing that got me through the beginning of a busy week….

7.13.20 – Childrens Book Breakthrough + Poetry Collection Complete!

Overcoming a broken outline after you’ve done a few drafts… Hi people! I wanted to breakdown a massive breakthrough I had while writing the third draft of my children’s book from scratch once again. I talk to myself about the method I used to solve the problem when the previous versions were completely void of…

Draft 1 Complete: Now What?

On this episode of The Writing Record, I have good news: The first draft of my children’s book is done, now what do I do? This is uncharted territory, so here’s the gameplan. Happy Saturday! Much love, j Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify Listen on Google Podcasts Listen on RadioPublic

Cosmos Eventually (A Postponed Project Complete)

I made peace with this heart that longs for you across valleys of heaven and light and cosmic radiation. And the things I’ve done, I may come to regret, but going rogue with a ship weighs heavy even in space. … And I ask myself why love has led me to this? I took hold…

Script Stuff, Part I

Plenty of forward motion this week, just have to keep the momentum going. #amwriting #screenwriting #writingcommunity

Affirmations 3.6.20

Reminders about self-help and productivity from a creative with a day job. #creativelife #productivity #writingcommunity

Affirmations 3.3.20

Daily lessons in self-help and productivity from a creative with a day job. #writingcommunity #productivity #selfdevelopment #selfhelp