Blades (10 minute sprint)

Ten minute breaks are for writing sprints. What can you do with this prompt? Let me know! #writingcommunity #writingprompts

Spark Followed, New Lyrics Maybe?

Yesterday, I needed to get this off my chest and so I typed away, and the mechanical clucking of the keys tapped a beat enticing enough for me to keep going until a conclusion came…


There’s a time to acknowledge, and a time to push out of the comfort of the past. Yes. Contemplate no further. -j

Ruminations of Autumn and Cyan

I wanted to share this on Throwback Thursday but work took me out of town. So here you have a weird #flashbackfriday moment, some words and music made by my friend Ahren and I long ago: When we were in a synth pop long-distance band called For The Benefit. Much love to you all and…