7.27.20 – Self care and time management venting session

Happy Monday All! Come along as I discuss a few attempts at self care this past week, as well as the tangle of projects in need of problem solving. So in a nutshell: It’s okay to read your work and be proud of it. Doing that got me through the beginning of a busy week.Continue reading “7.27.20 – Self care and time management venting session”

7.6.20 – Videotape play complete (again)! And lessons learned from poetry

I talk about this old script I brought back from the dead and submitted to a competition. You learn a lot about how far you’ve come when you actually look back. Poetry collection in its final stages! And the emotional lessons of not sharing anything. Keep sharing your art. We need it now more thanContinue reading “7.6.20 – Videotape play complete (again)! And lessons learned from poetry”

5.27.20 – Progress. New Writing Record Episode.

I talked it out at lunchtime and recorded the third episode of The Writing Record! It’s not so much a podcast, but me documenting my writing process to better examine what my approach is. The first project I’m discussing on it is my children’s book named Charlie Bird. I found the theme and it wasContinue reading “5.27.20 – Progress. New Writing Record Episode.”

First Thoughts of 4.19.20 (voice over work, date nights, and late nights)

Had too much coffee today and it disrupted the sleep cycle. Witching hour is almost here and I am successfully wide awake. I’m dreaming of good music from the early 2000s. I’m realizing Beulah’s The Coast is Never Clear is one of my favorite albums of all time, and it breaks my heart not manyContinue reading “First Thoughts of 4.19.20 (voice over work, date nights, and late nights)”