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The new phase of Creative Drive begins! I want to offer short readings of original poetry, flash fiction, dramatic works, as well as quick pep talks to get through the day-job. Creative Drive is all about believing in our creative work and getting it out there! Don’t be idle, make art!

Currently focusing on:

  • Poetry!
  • Sudden Fiction or Flash Fiction, no longer than 2,500 words.
  • Dramatic Writing such as Monologues and 10 minute plays with small casts.
  • Original Songs! Send your recordings!
  • The stuff you believe in but couldn’t find a home. I’d love to take a look!

I’m just a working class guy recording this podcast in the middle of nowhere, so unfortunately, I won’t be able to compensate you. This podcast is a labor of love and my long-term hope is that I can make it a safe place for collaboration and working class arts advocacy. I would love to hear from you!

To be featured on the podcast, submit your work today!

CD32 – Jars of Oil; Sands of Rhyme by Rob J Blevins Creative Drive

Hello all! Today we feature the poetry of Rob J. Blevins: "Jars of Oil; Sands of Rhyme" Three moments of poetry that were a joy to record. Rob J. Blevins is a songwriter and author currently sharing content on the blog, Cooking with Crayons, as well as producing a podcast of the same name. Stop by for more poetry and creative work from Rob! To sign up for Rob's email list, as well as links to his Amazon books, visit his site: Thank you for your sharing your work with us, Rob! If you'd like to hear your short works of poetry, flash fiction, and dramatic writing on the podcast, submit your short work today! Don't be idle, make art! Much love, j
  1. CD32 – Jars of Oil; Sands of Rhyme by Rob J Blevins
  2. CD31 – Raconteur by Mark Gordon
  3. CD30 – Elevator Pitch by Zach Murphy
  4. CD29 – Roundabouts by Mark Anthony Smith
  5. PHASE 2: Testing out the new space! (my closet) Also, submit your short works!

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