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Bag, etc.

I saw that bag from the American Beauty movie, and it is still as magical as ever. And when I felt my breath disappear in one hard gasp, I couldn’t tell if I was crying because of how beautiful it was, or because I live in a landfill. j

Creative Drive Podcast #36: Smoothing Out the Wrinkles by Samantha Terrell

Hello there, Today it’s a pleasure to bring you “Smoothing Out the Wrinkles” a poem by Samantha Terrell. Samantha Terrell is an American poet raised in the Midwest, whose work emphasizes emotional integrity and social justice. Her work has been published in Dove Tales by Writing for Peace, Ebola chapbook (West Chester University), Poetry Quarterly…

7.27.20 – Self care and time management venting session

Happy Monday All! Come along as I discuss a few attempts at self care this past week, as well as the tangle of projects in need of problem solving. So in a nutshell: It’s okay to read your work and be proud of it. Doing that got me through the beginning of a busy week….

Madd’s Picks: Stephen King’s IT

The novel “It” by Stephen King has been lauded for three decades as a horror masterpiece.  Due to my age, I came to “It” quite late, only first reading it in my late 20’s; however, I had become well-acquainted with Stephen King as an author, by that point.  Even so, I found “It” went well…

OKA42 – Jeffrey Epstein Doc, Lovebirds, The History of Corpse Medicine

Happy birthday, America. Sorry COVID made the party so lame. Anyway here’s the latest episode of Our Kid’s Asleep! Hi friends, Wow, a lot to unpack! Much wow. We go all out on the following: Jeffrey Epstein’s Filty Rich Documentary on Netflix! Lovebirds, an action romance flick! The History of Corpse Medicine, an amazing new…


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