What I’m up to now…

Priority 1: Writing a mockumentary film project to produce on a no-budget to get back into the swing of working with friends and new collaborators, tentatively titled “Mountain Mystery Film.” So far so good!

I’m developing and producing short form dance films in collaboration with Wyoming Dance Arts.

Priority 2: A novel about becoming an adult, love, and calderas.

I am writing a dialogue driven short film to produce with no budget. It’s coming together. Also outlining an ensemble crime dramedy script set in working class Wyoming. Don’t know when, but it would be nice to produce this on the no-budget horizon.

Ongoing: Maddie and I are planning the next podcast episode of Our Kid’s Asleep! On Thursdays, the cats and I record Creative Drive, a podcast about accountability and creativity.

I am sometimes scheming story songs and short stories about characters from my little town of Idlewind, WY.

Also, my son and I are writing songs about coffee and croissants.

What are you up to? Shoot me a message!

Thanks to Derek Sivers for inspiring this Now movement!