Our Kid’s Asleep Podcast

Tired parents tackle 3 topics to raise a glass to. …Or Something.

Once the kid’s in bed and parent duty is complete, J and Maddie finally sit down over a glass of wine to discuss the news, social media, and other pop culture shitshows! All from the perspective of tired parents trying to find a few minutes to spare at the end of the week.

Special thanks to Dust Jones at Speer Productions for making this podcast possible!

OKA40 – Madd's Book Pick, IT Part II, Schitt's Creek Finale! Our Kid's Asleep

Hello all!We're off to the races with episode 40 of OKA from the new podcasting corner in our basement! Enjoy Maddie's Book Pick this week! We watched the second part of Stephen King's IT movie adaptation, so check out the scary talk! Also, Madd and I cover the Schitt's Creek finale! Lots of Ew, Davids to come… Much love,J&MSend your grievances to ourkidsasleep@gmail.comFind out more at https://oka.pinecast.co
  1. OKA40 – Madd's Book Pick, IT Part II, Schitt's Creek Finale!
  2. OKA39 – Phantom of the Opera, This is Important to Me
  3. OKA38 – How to Quarantine, Shrill
  4. OKA37 – Corona Virus, Taylor Tomlinson's Netflix Special
  5. OKA36 – Mrs. Maisel, Circe, and The Invention of Lying

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