Make Time / Make Art

Trying to get the most out of your day? Me too. this is what I’m learning as i go.

I bet you a majority of people don’t get to spend a lot of time doing something they love on a daily basis.

Whether it’s family time, exploring a hobby, or pursuing a sense of community, this notion becomes ever more distant because of the distractions and constant influx of stuff to do: You worked a little overtime and lost some hours with your little ones, or you opted for a date night with your partner over a few hours instead of hashing out some scene cards for the next story. I always thought this was a very specific kind of problem, but I get the feeling I’m not the only one. Thanks to Internet, and all of its lovely community building tendencies, the realization hits me that I don’t have to be so alone while trying to balance the most important goals and creative aspirations in life. In this day and age, it’s a blessing to be able to share and communicate across unfathomable distances with folks who feel the same way I have felt for a long time: That there’s not enough hours in the day to juggle work stuff, life stuff, and creativity stuff. For quite a few years now, it’s felt like I can’t make any headway one way or the other.

Learning to make time, is much like learning to make art. It’s an ever-changing, fluid process that comes to you with dilemmas and change of plans and chaos hiding in a Trojan Horse named hesitation. Make choices. Be specific. Take action. These make up the foundation of good art and craft, which I’ve worked tirelessly to develop throughout my life– Why haven’t I pursued life the way I pursue it on the page?

So this is what I’m up to: I’m going to share the things I’ve been working on to learn how to make time, so that I can make life and work and creativity a fuller, more rewarding journey moving forward. I hope you come along.

Much love,


What I’m currently doing to stay creative:

Out of ideas? Check out over 150 unique prompts of mine on Instagram. I use them plenty on this blog and on paper too. #icprompts!

Use ten minutes on your break to communicate your passion for the arts, reach out to collaborators, and advocate for your creative process every day of the week.

My Quasi Bullet Journal Turned Planner Layout to Get More Done and Be Accountable and Not Garbage – Version 1


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