Noteworthy 8.10.19

Hello folks, I have been trying to get this out for the last few days and I finally made it to the blog! Get to your recliner, relax, and enjoy some of the latest web findings to get us back to our creativity! We lost Toni Morrison this week. In her honor, let’s take aContinue reading “Noteworthy 8.10.19”

March 13th, 1998.

View on Instagram March 13th, 1998. During the Oscars. That was the first time I heard Elliott Smith. I was twelve years of age in a little Podunk town in Wyoming. He was just a guy with a guitar in his white suit. The music started playing and he proceeded to perform one ofContinue reading “March 13th, 1998.”

Inspiration from Elliott.

Been thinking a lot about Elliott Smith lately, how he has been a tremendous influence on my writings and how he has been the soundtrack to most of my teenage and adult life.  I’m working up some notes for the next Addendum segment, and found this video link. I find it so beneficial to seeContinue reading “Inspiration from Elliott.”