I come out of my cave all snug blanketed to meet a world smiling hostile at times. Hostile because of its indifference not because it’s out to get me. I caution you to look both ways: and ensure you are wearing enough padding to handle the onslaught, as all of us adjust to the workweek.Continue reading “Monday”

On Purpose (and Reinventing the Delusion)

I haven’t written in a while. Once again life does what it does best!

The last two weeks were full of desire to stay optimistic and to find relief from the strife of adulting. This means I let thoughts or impressions percolate for far too long. I need little interludes to process and unpack…

An American Pastime.

To bury a child is an abomination. To bury the second is unsavory, but familiar. To bury the third is industry. Child burial is a coarse proposition like the rope that lowers the flag When god used to look, his head would lower too. Can the father spare thoughts for the republic, trapped in theContinue reading “An American Pastime.”