less talk. more action.

I’m wrangling my friends and collaborators to make short stuff, this is where it will go.

Currently in Production

  • Mini-Musical Exploration (Music by Dane Halvorson, lyrics by J. Alejandro (draft due 9/30)
  • Seek (Working Title) Short film by Anthony Stengel and J. Alejandro (due ~8/7)
  • Dust Jones Songwriting Collab (Top Secret EP project)
  • New script with Jason (we’re trying to talk Dane into it too)
  • Potential virtual performance in pre-production/development stage.
  • My children’s book Phase 2 w/ my friend Dani, great success on the horizon!

Fun stuff coming soon!


I am making a vow to reach out to my friends and check in, not just about their latest projects, but to see how they’re doing. I will offer opportunities and support for their endeavors, if needed. The hardest part is taking the first step. Reach out.


I will support the people I care about. I will support them in their creative journey and workshop our art together. Little works to get us back on track, and maybe big projects in the future. The joy is in developing new work for screens, the stage, or headphones.


I promise to get something done. I promise to get us over the line when we’re not feeling like doing anything anymore because work sucked or got busy with life, etc. I promise to encourage the next step, until we make something we’re all proud of.

Just stop lollygagging and get the shit done.

Pablo Picasso

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